Art Direction / Design


With Irish whiskey poised for rapid growth and new entrants starting to flood the category, Preacher partnered up with the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland. Kilbeggan has what most brands can only pretend to have - a truly substantial story behind the spirit. We made it our mission to export that valuable asset alongside our liquid. Built on the strength of the bond between the town that birthed it and the distillery producing it, resilience and community are at the brand's essence. Kilbeggan is the name of the town, the distillery and the product. Its backbone is the people who have kept it alive through hard times and thriving today, so that is exactly who we documented with photographer and director Josh Goleman and our partners at Wildsam. We Are Kilbeggan is more than a campaign; it's a statement of local pride and rallying cry to energize those producing it and a new generation of people drinking it.